The truss bulkhead is a non-standard solution that allows for the division of a swimming pool basin, whose construction prevents the installation of a movable bulkhead.  The structure of the bulkhead is located completely above the water surface and if the pool basin has to be divided into two separate pools, the system panels constituting turn points are lowered onto the pool basin. The movement is carried out along the edge of the pool, which allows the structure of the truss bulkhead to be placed outside the pool basin for easy access. 


The bulkhead structure is equipped with movable walls – one per each lane – fixed with pins in the bottom of the pool. The walls can be placed vertically or horizontally as required. In the vertical position, they are a partition dividing the lane into two parts, whereas when turned horizontally, they rest on the bottom of the pool.  This allows you to configure the 50m long swimming pool in any configuration. 


It is a very practical and functional solution, especially in such cases when there are different groups of users in the pool at the same time – e.g. the participants in swimming courses and training athletes.