Technical description: 


The movable platform reduces the depth of water in limited spaces, creating an ideal environment for teaching children swimming, aqua-aerobics or training for athletes etc. The platform is equipped with a protective wall that prevents swimming under it as well as a feature called ‘deep water’. 


The structure of the swimming pool moving platform is made entirely of stainless steel and non-slip panels in light blue or other RAL colors. They are resistant to UV radiation and chemical agents used in swimming pools and allow for free water circulation.  


The protective wall is made of stainless steel filled with polypropylene panels in blue with UV-stabilized color. Each panel is equipped with longitudinal grooves allowing for free water circulation in the pool basin. The protective wall is additionally equipped with a stainless steel handrail made of AISI 316L stainless steel, which is polished along the entire movable platform.