MANUAL / AUTOMATIC * Article 2000

Product description:


The movable bulkhead allows for the division of the Olympic swimming pool basin into two 25m long full-size swimming pools and can also be a part of the waterpolo pitch. The structure of the bulkhead is made in accordance with the standards and guidelines of FINA, especially in accordance with PN EN 13451-1 and PN EN 13451-11:2014. It is made entirely of stainless steel, and the exterior covering are anti-slip panels in any color palette of RAL colors. 


The movable bulkhead is equipped with a standstill stage on both sides of the bulkhead, made entirely of polished AISI 316L steel, anchors for mounting lane ropes on both sides, guard rails and installation points for starting blocks and touch panels of the time measuring system. The bulkhead drive is located outside the swimming pool basin and overflow gutter. The bulkhead can be moved manually or fully automatic using the control panel. 


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