Art. 9050/TYPE 2


The movable floor is a horizontal platform mounted inside a pool basin, whose height can be freely adjusted by the user. This type of solution allows to set any depth of the whole pool or its part. This enables optimal and versatile use of the pool basin, adapting it to the needs of different groups of users. 


The movable floor is made in accordance with the applicable standards for swimming pool equipment: PN EN 13451-1:11 of both TYPE I (floating) and TYPE II (mechanical), it also complies with FINA requirements. The floor construction is made of stainless steel and the outer shell consists of anti-slip panels in any color from RAL color palette, with black lane strips marked on it. The shelling is made in such a way that the water in the basin can circulate freely. The surface of the shelling shall meet the requirements of the anti-slip standards.


The materials used to make the movable floor are resistant to swimming pool chemicals and UV radiation in accordance with the applicable standards. The propulsion system of the movable floor does not contain any elements that could endanger the use of the pool basin. 


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